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i like your nail polish, it's cute [21 Apr 2011|05:34pm]
[ mood | tingly ]

lolz at my profile pic first of all. haahaha. oh let's see...in my last entry i was dating victor BAAAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA fuck. hahaha. needless to say THAT didnt last. all we did was argue anyway- pff. so i guess after that a dude named chris reeves showed interest in me. i didnt think much of it honestly. then he asked me to book a show for one of his bands, stymie, at the ppc. so i was like yea cool. we started seeing eachother at shows and talkin a lil...then one night im at a house show and he's there and were sitting out front and he kisses me. and im like ?! WOAH! and i acted like a little girl and giggled. the rest is history. my lips wont stop tingling for some reason... i hate when that happens. anyway- we started seeing eachother in late december, became official in february and now were two happy lil bees. unfortunately i lost a 'friend' in the midst of all the romanticism... i suppose she was interested in chris and i really had no idea. i mean, girls talk okay? and i never heard anything from her about him... boy was i wrong. her jealousy took over and instead of being happy for me for finding someone i like and who likes me back she screamed at me one night...on the way home from a show... she asked me "can i hit on chris reeves and bang him?" i said 'no.' and that did it. for the next 30 minutes she screamed at me calling me a hypocrite and all sorts of other things. it was extremely embarrassing seeing as the guy who was driving us home i had just met that night, one of my close friends boyfriends and it was just a ridiculous ride home in general. i just sat there with my back to her taking her verbal abuse. i asked if she wanted to talk about it, she said no and left. shortly thereafter she called me a 'bad friend' that did it for me. sometimes you think someone is a good friend to you and in alot of ways she was, but i look back and realize she pushed me around alot. im not necessarily a 'pushover' but im not very confrontational unless i need be. i guess i can just take alot of shit before i really blow up... well im glad to be rid of her. and life is grande. im going on tour again with life erased/embolization in june. YUS!! gotta start savin. im gonna take a class at el centro (spanish) so i can ride the dart for free and speak espanola! milo is getting large and is goofy as can be. im scared that neko is pregnant again and it makes me feel absolutely TERRIBLE. :C gah. my boyfriend got a job at a dogcare place in dallas so he is staying with me! which makes me real happy :) im learning the bass. which is rad. im still involved with the phoenix project (DUH) ive been booking shows and they have all gone really well. im trying to not eat meat and being fairly successful at it. there are still areas in my life i need to work on, but persistance and a positive attitude help me along the way.

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hey livejournal [01 Dec 2010|05:52pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

hows it goin you dirty ho?! been a minute as usual. well for this next week im boycotting facebook. not for any real reason just to see if i can do it i guess. made myself a little bet with my main girl audrizzle. first to break has to buy boozenfoodz then we party together (which we do all the time anyway) hahaa and my new boyfran, his name's victor, said i would last 2 days. bet a crusher on that. im confident i can last a week. so let's see. my dog had puppies, 5 of them. boxer mix. theyre 4 weeks old monday. man. holy crap. talk about a handful. SHEESH. confirms my decision to NEVER have children. whew. overwhelming. but they are so damn CUTE!!!!!! me and my boyfriend are doing art colloborations. that's cool. i went on tour with life erased and doom siren. midwest. it was really fun. saw alot of cool stuff, met alot of cool people. was inspired to make our diy venue the best it can be from other establishments that are awesome. working on it. workin on alot of stuff. tryin to be more positive... it's hard sometimes with so much bullshit around you. but i try to make a consistent effort to follow through. ive been doin okay at that. i live at cameron haus it's pretty cool. there's been a bit of drama creeping around lately. so im just keeping my mouth shut because i dont have anything nice to say, so i just wont say anything at all. i will say this though, i do not like being told what i can and cannot do from a roommate who doesnt own the house and lays claim in the manner that they do. (man my dad's dog JR keeps farting. it smells terrible in the office) i got new vans. my feet already smell so bad i cant take it. my boyfriend made me wash them off last night. haha odor eaters anyone? sheesh i dont get why they get to smellin so bad. AFTER A WEEK! harumph. oh well. what else...i turned 26. i had alot of fun. had a great party. created sunday sleaze krew. SSK! SSK! opened up me ole darkheart. not takin anything too seriously tho. we'll see what happens. my ipod got stepped on and the screen broke, it still works tho. HALLEJUAH! i want a bigger one anyway. guess ill have to start savin on that. i want tattoos. but i have other things i have to take care of right now. *sigh. :C oh well. one day ill have enough extra cash. bleebleee. still workin for my papa. tryin to do better at that. slightly succeeding. ill get it someday.. i want some cranberry juice... hey see ya !

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[ mood | fucking great ]

first i have to laugh at my last entry...AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
good lord, that fuckin dood ended up being the biggest loser in the fucking world. he caused the cops to come to the bike haus then acted like a fucking pussy that he is and made me go downstairs and when i saw them walkin up to the door with alec i opened it bad mistake then they ran my shit bc i lied to them and they got pissed and arrested me then i was in jail for 5 days then a week n a half later the fucker goes psycho on me and breaks up with me then less than 2 weeks later he has a new girlfriend who is the biggest nastiest slutty whore ever and she wears banana clips like a fucking trashy moron and shorts that go up her fucking ass and one time i saw her wearing a banana clip, denim diaper, and fucking red heels. CAN WE SAY HOOOOOOOOOOKER? soooooooooooooooo needless to say im WAY BETTER OFF NOW. fuck being in a relationship, that shit just doesnt work for me mang. better off alone. bike house died. it went out with a bang. then i changed my number so dick munch cant get ahold of me fuck that asshole. so i live with sheridan now, its pretty fuckin sweet. i need to talk to alec and im gonna see if i can move into cameron house. i just miss having my neko around soooo bad :( thats my baby. so i have a team of boyfranz...or i did. some of them died off...or i just lost interest....or whatever. but there is one but hes in san antonio but i think that makes it better. also im obsessed with that fucking retarded youtube sensation antoine dodson. i love him and i want to hang out with him he seems AWESOME AND YOU KNOW HE SMOKE WEEEEEEEED. i guess thats a little summary of whats been happening since december..haha i havent used this hoe in forever


yea im talking about you , you fucking slut

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[18 Dec 2009|07:02pm]
hey livejournal im really stoned but my dad is on this gokart conference call really cool i know im going to the colony tonight and im actually excited which is strange but not really i guess because now whitneys lives there again which rules and my mamas there too and im gonna go xmas shopping and wrap presents and bake cookies and go to pats pub and eat some good mexi food and have fun wheeee and i got some weed thanks joey joeyjoeyjoey ill miss my joey i sometimes look at his ex girlfriends myspace page just to remind me to never be a dumb twat like she is and i read this blog about their relationship and it was retarded and dramatic and made me want to punch her even harder and i need a beer real bad right now and im glad that i finally found joey again because im pretty sure i fell in love with him the first time i met him and it took me 5 years to find him but when i did i caught him and now hes mine and it feels so nice to have someone to love and even if he doesnt talk much about the way he loves me he shows me in other ways like when he kisses my forehead in the morning or takes my glasses off when i fall asleep in them and brings me home cupcakes i want to do nice things for him and im almost off probation omg in january it seems like its been soo much longer than a year and a half but soon it will all be behind me and i wont have to pay stupid amounts of money to some bastards who dont care and i will never make the same mistake again and then im gonna work on getting a car back and going to massage therapy school and be happy and content although i am happy and content right now things could be better in certain areas of my life and im going to work hard to make them better were only getting older and i have someone who i want to grow old with im in love im happy life is great
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[06 Oct 2009|07:42pm]
i had this dream last night that was much like a video game because my dreams are usually like video games im either playing it or its my life. so me maddy n tyler are all floating down water rapids an jumpin off waterfalls into pools and it went on and it was crazy. then we went back and it had dried up but we walked down it anyway and i found this skirt and put it on and maddy wanted it but i said 'its a size 10 wont fit you anyway' then we came to the waterfall and it still had a pool at the bottom and there was this old man about to do grafitti but when he saw us he hesistated.

i wish i had a ride homeeeeeeee.
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[31 Aug 2009|05:47pm]
gahhhhh i dunno.
sometimes i just dont know.
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FIRE! [21 Aug 2009|06:13pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

dang last night a pillow caught on fire in our room me and joey had no idea because we were ..busy.. and then all of a sudden the smoke detector starts goin off and were like what the fuck?! so we jump outta bed and turn on the lights and our room is FILLED with smoke and were like WHATS BURNING!??!! and so were tearing apart our room looking for whatevers burning and we discover a floor pillow thats smoldering...HUH? we have no clue how it caught on fire or what the fuck happened. i was smoking a cigarette in bed but the pillow that caught fire was all the way across the room.... it was strange and unnerving and quite tiring. by the time it was all over i was just standing in the room about to fall over joey had ripped the bed apart so we had to put it back together and everything was out of place and it was just fucking crazy. ive never woken up or been utterly disturbed by a fire alarm. its fucking scarey! not to mention our house is as my father put it a 'tinderbox' goddamn if we hadnt had that alarm shit coulda been REALLY bad. moral of the story: GET SMOKE DETECTORS! gahlee.
i had a very funny dream this morning. i was in my room which was shaped like my grandmothers old apartment and it didnt look anything like my room and there was a bunk bed and junk everywhere and some random people hanging out and joey comes in the door early from work and tells me he found some of my stuff and starts teasing me about a storybook i made. it was called 'the strange kiss' and i guess it was about him? and also i had all this shit gushing about how much i loved him. and also all these weird little knick knacks that were actually fucking really cool and i wish i DID have them. the dream was really realistic in a sense and joey was being hilarious in the dream then i guess he was still at work because he told some girl to make the indian catfish cuz her mom wasnt gonna cook it later. i guess i woke up after that.
im hungry. this weekend is gonna be fun! i wish i hadnt been such an alcoholic all week because now its the weekend and im tired as fuck. seriously i was bad this week wtf? oh well i had fun...hahaha parties tonight and tomorrow and sunday is a show at phoenix project! AH IM STARVIN NEED FOOD LATER DOODZ

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cuz im already gone [20 Aug 2009|07:21pm]
[ mood | stinks ]

hey livejournal whats up buttface?
everything is fine.
im tired and smelly.
i wish i would work more than i do.
im an asshole in this respect.
joey built a kitty city for the kitties.
im in charge of making the zine for the phoenix project. so cool!
hung out with my sister last night and it was hilarious and AWESOME. a man in a pimp hat with a feather hit on me 'hello gorgeous'
a hooker climbed over the fence to get into the bar
me and maddy ate shit because we were wearing heels and fuck we were wasted? hahaha drunk girls falling at bars wooo everyone laughed. its ok i also ran into the front door and everyone cheered. sheez....
ive drank 2 sodas today. ew?
i feel fat as shit
joey ate my freebirds
tyler ate maddys freebirds
fucking fat stoned drunk boyfriends
oh well i love mine very much
and tacos goddamn
i should ride my bike more so i dont feel as fat but well fuck its hottt

i hope it rains tonight
that would be nice
im going home


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denim skirts studded belts an fucked up eyeliner. CUTE! [03 Aug 2009|02:36pm]
[ mood | heh hehehe ]

dang. i guess my last entry was kinda weird? i was just pissed off
didnt get wasted all weekend! although i did still drink. shit, niggas gon drink jus sayin. i dont feel like im that big of an alcoholic. i mean i know i like the sauce i bit too much an thats why ive cut back. but shoot if i don love a nice ice cold delicious beer. who gonna argue with that? its just that fucking ENERGY beer. that shit is the damn devil.
so i finished reading one flew over the cuckoos nest and i have moved on to ....JURASSIC PARK!!! an holllllllly shit its fuckin awesome already. im 90pgs in so far n i just started it last night. hooo wee!
joey got soul calibur for ps3. its pretty tiiiiight. tyler talked shit on it at first because 1. hes a douchelarouche and 2. he didnt know the controls. psh. what a baby. his birthday is on friday...hmmm.....
last night was my friend theresas bday party luau an it was AWESOME!!!! im super glad we went there were decorations and a jelloshotcake?! HOLY SHIT! we kept playin i never, an damn if joey didnt get us all with this one, I NEVER DYED MY HAIR. i was like dammmnnnn fools never owned a pair of chucks neither. the fuck? haha doesnt surprise me i cant see him wearin em anyway. everyone was dancin n me an joey sat on the couch for awhile laughin at all the drunkys. hehehehehehahahaha oh man the best part was when we saw alec stumblin in an joey goes i wonder how drunk alec is? then BLAM he just sacks out on the couch ahhahaha then everyone was wakin him up an he put on a straw hat an danced around hahaha hahahaha oh man good stuff.
then joey tells me some girl just hit on him askin if he had a girlfriend n of course he says yeh shes right over there. and of course i knew exactly what dumb twat it was cuz i saw her introduce herself to him. i got dat eagle eye i don miss a beat esp when it comes to stupid twatty ugly busted ass hoez in denim skirts tryin to get up on my man. so he tells me. n i stand there for a minute, fumin a lil. then go inside. n i see her so i walk up to her n i say so you like my boyfriend huh? n shes like what? and im like yeah you know joey? MY boyfriend? then shes like ohh nooo i uhhh an starts sputterin n im like yea whatever. then she tries to touch my arm n im like dont fuckin touch me. an i walk outside with a smirk n joey goes you started shit didnt you? n i was like nah i just told her whats up then girl comes out n is all tryin to talk to me n im like shooin her away like bitch get out my face and shes like no no i was just introducing myself n said her name was anna n i go OH hi. anna. fuckin bitch. since when did introducing yourself consist of 'hi do you have a girlfriend? oh you do? well i woulda totally been all about you' im tellin ya bitch was busted

ANNNNNNNYWAY- i like to scare dumb bitches. its not like id go and punch her or something but a bitch needs to know. also im extremely jealous/and/or/ possessive. mehhhh not my best qualities but at least ya know im a loyal motherfucker.

bleh work. bleh.
im itchy.

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grrrrrrrr [31 Jul 2009|04:15pm]
[ mood | ugh ]

PENT UP ANGER. neeeeeds to be released.
i guess its not even that pent up, its just anger. pure anger.
for one, i do not like when people talk shit on my friends, family, or my man.
UGH. i also do not understand why people think its OKAY to repeat potentially harmful words to a person that was said about them. why? whats the point? everyone says stuff people talk shit big deal, but to repeat the words? whats the use in that? its just plain cruel.
it makes me sad as well as angry.
like, i wanna smash someones face in.
for example, today on the bus, as i was ridin to work MINDIN MY OWN BIZ readin a book, this fuckin smelly ass hobobum decided to sit next to me. then started sayin shit to me. i ignored him like i didnt know he was even there although from his stench who WOULDNT know he was around...anyway i kept thinking in my head i wish this fucker would do something that could warrant me just fucking PUNCHING him right in the face. seriously. im in no way a physically violent person. i talk alot of talk sayin imma kick so-in-so's ass but i never actually use physical violence. i dont agree it with it. but goddamn if i dont wanna just get kick the SHIT out of someone. bah
glad its friday.
i got extremely wasted on wednesday night. resulted in a 5am fight with joey. NOT COOL. we don fucking fight unless were both really drunk. of course we talked it out but it made me realize that my drinking was interfering with my relationship and fuckin a id choose joey over booze anyday. so im takin some time off. really gonna try. i mean i know im an alcoholic. yeah yeah. most of us are. but well i gotta do somethin about it.
it was strange because as i was discussing my thoughts n feelings with emi over txt, i arrived at the bus stop. this haggard ole lady was sittin there n she asked me what my tattoo was about (the one on my leg) i told her its the harmful effects of alcohol on your body. she said oh, you an alcoholic? n i just said yep. she said thats funny im drinkin right now. i said oh ok cool. then shes like yeah...drinkin dont really even do anything to me anymore i just drink yknow. an i thought fuck man. fuck. i dont wanna end up like that.
so thats that.
life is fuckin well, its life.

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you dont know how lucky you are [24 Jul 2009|04:38pm]
[ mood | loved ]

damn that song
holy shit i ate so much at lunch today i felt like a fatty fat blimpo ughhh then i got all tired like an old lady PSHAW.
its frooiddaaaay. thank GOD. im turning my phone back on today yeeeeeee yeyeyeyeee so i can TEE-EX-TEE again..joey is goin skating tonight. i dont really have any plans so much. tomorrow is the first show at the phoenix project~~~!!!! im headin up the food department n im real excited. plus all the people and fun that will be had! wooo! too bad joe has to work til like 9...:( oh well mebbe he'll come up there anyway.
my stomach muscles hurt from certain exercises...eheheeeee
uhhhhhhhhh man i had a weird dream last night that i met miley cyrus? and she had this home in the mountains and we decided to go on a hike...so were on this hike and we peer over this big rock and see this huge field with all sorts of 'illegal' things going on an what not n were like we shouldnt be here! some other shit happened i dont remember but the next part i remember was i was at a CVS or somethin in new york city and someone was throwing boxes into the street and they were turning into HUGE OBJECTS like a huge trex? but it was all cartoony and everyone knew they were fake but were still scared? then somethin else was goin on n i was runnin down this street catchin tags? OH I DUNNO..

what else...didnt really do anything last night. joey bought a new video game, mortal kombat vs. DC. it was fucking RAAAAAAAAAD. i havent tried it out yet but i will sooon.....
then we went to sleepytime.

oh and goose was in a fight or something! because i found him the other day outside in a little slump looking really saddddd an i picked him up n he had all these cuts! and his leg is hurt ;( he got a stanky leg again. i think he will be ok tho. hopefully thats my lil kitty<3

oh and im reading one flew over the cuckoos nest. its not bad, not bad at all.
i still wanna read jurassic park tho...AND IM GONNA.

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[22 Jul 2009|05:38pm]
ahhh man do i feel better TODAY. shooooooooooot.
had a good night last night as well. went to the phoenix project meetup. super excited about saturday!! hungout with emi then hungout with audra had some girl talk it was good to actually hang out and talk with her. especially without stupid brian lingering around being a fucking loser douchebag. she says she dumped him for good this time. i sincerely hope it lasts.
my fucking phone just got turned off. THATS COOL. ugh.
woops totally forgot about this entryy damn you myspace!
not much to do at work today
ah well.
wish i hadnt given that dood my bus pass damnit
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why the HELL did i drink vodka? [21 Jul 2009|04:24pm]
[ mood | FUCK YOU ]

seriously. i dont drink liquor for a reason. ugh oof ughhhh.
not only do i feel like doodoo today but i flipped last night. with reason perhaps not GOOD reason but i definitely had a reason.
god i hate stupid fucking amazonian BITCHES. they can fucking suck it. hardddd.
yesterday kinda sucked in general. joey was skatin n his wallet fell outta his pocket n he lost like 200$ that sucked.
my mom came over n was a bitch about shit because she was angry for having to be around HER mother for several days. that sucked.
wade threw up all over the floor. REAL COOL.
joey acted like a dick to me and thats when i flipped.
what good happened yesterday?
i watched thumbsucker. it was ok.
i sewed up joeys pants and he said i was amazing. that was nice.
i smoked a joint? whatevs.
i saw some of my girlfriends and they are down for the girls of the bike haus calendarrr hehehe that rulz.
joe came home n we made up. thats a relief
godfuck. having a relationship is such hardwork. ive said it before but damn damndamndamn.

i gotta get back to work and try not to barf.

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hip hip hurray [17 Jul 2009|05:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my pms is FINALLY GONE.
and...i just bought some w333d!!!!11 thats not dro!!! HURRAY!
n it was beautiful outside early this afternoon. however i felt like i might have stepped into an alternate dimension because the ac had gone out last night sometime n when i walked outside it was cooler out there than in the house. twas perplexing....
however i have no real complaints right now. life is good.
its the weekend dont really have any plans and dont reaaaaaaaaaallllly care :)
think im gonna go see akkolyte on saturday
need to clean the house
gotta sort things out with ben who seems upset but i think there is just confusion
gotta pay some billz n shit
then go back to work on monday
also i need to get some community service done ! eeeeek!
an i have probation next thursday i aint worried about dat tho
im smelly i need a shower
n i wanna go home n hug my baby n smoke lots of sweet sweet weedskies

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fatty fat fat faaaaaaaaaaaat [09 Jul 2009|05:31pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

fuckkk. i have this infernal crick in my neck on the left side that WILL NOT GO AWAY NO MATTER WHAAAAAAAT. its really annoying and i hate it. real bad. joey pissed me off on tuesday. i yelled at him. but i cant ever stay mad at him because he has no malicious intentions. damn him. fool needs a phone! its hot. and i feel like ive been pmsing for like 3 YEARS before i FINALLY started my fat stupid period. in which i was paranoid as fuck that i was preggers. convinced even. but alas nay. HOORAY!!!!! i was really freakin. but its allll good. n im for real gettin on bc when this shit is done flowing out of my vag hole.
been swimmin a little. emi pointed out that this summer is alot more calm then she expected it to be. i agreed. i said its not a summer where you forget all your responsibilities. also not doing drugs tends to keep things a little less chaotic. jus sayin. but fuck drugs anyway.
except weed. but weed aint a drug. SORRY. and goddamn if i could only find some sweet sweet shwag...my life..would be complete. sux when all you can get is dro. i mean dro's cool n all but dammnnnn i like smokin joints. sheeit.
im at work n my dad is supposed to be sharpenin my bit but i dunno if he has an its so deliciously cool in the office. but the cold air is makin my nose hurt for some reason.

oh shit! I FINISHED DUNE! the WHOLE SERIES. well the original series, 1-6. dang. DANG. so good. if there were 20 books i would read them all. i been readin dune since xmas2008. shoooot. now im gonna read the beach after frank is done with it. an were gonna discuss it then watch the movie. then im gonna read jurassic park with celeste n do the same. im gonna read the lost world as well cuz my friend cate said it was pretty good too.
god my neck...

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ohhh maaaaan [24 Jun 2009|05:47pm]
[ mood | mehh ]

heat! CEASEEEEEEEEEE yeah right. sup texas summer? danngg....
got a show comin up on friday im super excited about it because IIII booked it. ALL ME! haha!!!!! i win!!! an its just gonna be really fun because my friend jeff from houston who is in muhammed ali is cominggggg and he rulzzzz and he my husband but don tell my boyfriend. EEEp hehehehe. speaking of my boyfriend. GAH. wait hang on before i vent.
so there was this dood wade staying at the house. total moochin muthafucka. like 34yr old loser. i dont know why our house attracts these degenerates but WHATEVERR. anyway- he never even really asked to stay he just kinda followed cody poole over when they got kicked out of the previous place they were stayin. its our fault for not bein like uh who are you? anyway- after awhile for SOME reason his dogs got dropped off at the house. we arranged to take them to the phoenix project to stay there but well that never happened...surprise. so one of his dogs started making these awful coughing noises an we all kinda thought maybe something was just stuck in his throat? anyway it persisted and last weekend me joe an frank went to atx to hang out n shit. well when we got back saturday night i noticed that neko was now making coughing noises. so i was like OH HEELLLLLL NAW NIGGA. so i wake up on sunday and neko is still coughing and its getting worse so im like what the fuck. so i call my dad to say happy fathers day of course and tell him whats going on and he tells me its heartworms and im like wtf? so then i call my mom and she tells me no, its kennel cough. and so im like no way. fucking NO WAY. this loser fucking dood got my fucking dog sick. and that was the last straw. so i marched downstairs and i was originally planning on getting my bottle of water i left in the fridge but it had been drank. so then i was even MORE angry so i went into the living room where frank and wade were sleeping on couches and i started yelling WHO DRANK MY FUCKING WATER? and frank told me he got sick and threw up alot so he drank it. i was like ok. whatever. so im in the kitchen making myself some ice water and dood wade walks in and starts with some bullshit line of his. this is how it went:
wade: uhhh sooooo i was like making out with this hott chick last night...
me: you and your dogs need to leave TODAY.
w: wha uh today?
me: yes. today.
w: it cant be tomorrow?
me: NO. i gave you a week. you need to leave today.
w:*puts his arm around me* whats wrong?
me:*pulls away* nothing.
then i walked upstairs. i came back down after awhile to go run some errands and that dickhole was back asleep on the couch. i wanted to be like usually when someone tells you to LEAVE you dont just go back to sleep you fuck. but i just went on my biz.
well when i got back home he was sitting on the porch and i said 'your dog has kennel cough. thats why he's been coughing. he also gave it to neko' wade just goes whaat?? and i walked inside.
then later i was doing dishes he walked past me and said sorry jenny. i just turned my back on him. then he was gone. motherFUCKER. god. but hey good riddance.
so anyway- joey's mom is a vet nurse lady thingy so i called her to see what i could do and she told me to come up to her work and get some antibiotics for neko. so since i had maddy's car i drove my fat ass all the way to fucking ROWLETT ughhhhhhhhhughhh it sucked. and i get there and the girl at the desk is like hi! an im like im here for dorothy. an shes like ohhh ok then calls her to come out. then she goes 'daughter-in-law?' and im like ohh god uhh nooo just girlfriend geeeze..........haha shit. so i go back to her office and im lookin around and FUCKING WHAT DO I SEE? A GODDAMN OH GOD. FUCKING A FUCKING CHRISTMAS CARD OF JOEY AN HIS EX GIRLFRIEND AND THEIR ANIMALS. what the FUCKKKKKKKK?????????? WHO MAKES XMAS CARDS?!?!?! GOOD GOD. i couldnt stop looking at it. ughhh it made me so jealous and mad. i mean i know thats pointless but i couldnt help it. what the fuck? fucking lame ass bitch. so i was kinda irked about that.
then i went home la-de-dah then i went to the bitch wich with maddy and it was all my girlfriends and we were all hangin and laughin and we all made AMAZING SANDWICHES OMG. OH MY GODDD. so then i realized i needed to get that shit off my chest an im like ok since im with my girls i gotta say this and i told them about the xmas card. wtf. we were all laughing an shit. an i was like i wanna say somethin but i dont wanna be like that dumb bitch girlfriend.
so me an maddy leave cuz we tired n shit. and we get back to the house and joeys on the porch and chris is in town and we were all talking and chris is like has joey asked you to beat up his exgf for stealing all his shit yet? an i was like blahblah but i did see a really cute xmas card of you guys on your moms desk. and joeys like OH GOD. STILL???? an i was like yea. an then i was like please PLEASE tell me this wasnt joeys idea. and he was like fuck no. so i felt better and found a way to make fun of him and get it off my chest at the same time.
so i hung for awhile but i was real tired so i went upstairs to go to sleep an smoked some hash an was watching jurassic park an totally passed out.
until i was woken up by joey busting in the door and fuckin i dont even KNOW what time going dont ask me where ive been and laughing and im like huhhhh what.....where were you? anyway he continues to babble on to me and hes drunk and angry about his ex and all this shit and how he wants his belongings back and im trying to tell him to calm down and forget that shit cuz its just material stuff and forget the past and blahblha and hes just being persistant and still angry and just pissing me off in general and i guess she really fucked him up because he's always convinced that im going to just start hating him out of nowhere and steal all his shit. and i always have to tell him look im not like that. im not that person. its difficult sometimes honestly. but we all have our battlewounds. so i deal with it. and well i love him so its ok. so i wrote him a letter. because i dont want to feel like hes comparing me to his ex because i dont do that to him. and im not saying i think he is but sometimes i dont think he realizes the things he says make it seem that way. and fuck that ugly fat mexican bitch. she aint me. n shit n shit n shit. either way gah having a boyfriend is hard work sometimes. ooooof. especially when they like to drink until 6 in the morning and wake you up.
ive been kinda pissy about it all day. but i also think im pmsing because i just feel like a bitch.

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little shorty fire burnin on the dance flo' [18 Jun 2009|05:05pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

so i found that bitch. i was fucking DRRUUUUNK an apparently about to pass out at the bar when someone was like there she is. i woke right up and marched my ass over to her and let her have it. i really cant remember too much of what i said besides prolly some shit talkin like who the fuck do you think you are? an don even LOOK at him an thats MY man and by the end of it she was goin 'he's yours! he's yours!' i said yer goddamn right. then i kept flipping her off from across the bar. hahahaha bitch was scared. wouldnt even get up the rest of the night cuz i kept starin that bitch down. then joey got in a fight? i dont remember. i woke up without panties on an joey was naked an i said did we have sex? then we had sex. dang i love that boy. im done with werk today an gonna head home pretty soon. im gonna sew on my back patch to my vest and sew up some jeans where the ass busted out so i have them back. dunno why the fuck i want jeans in the texas summer but....meh. and also im gonna make joey play littlebig planet with me because there is a part in a level we need to beat. damn i dont feel like taking a shower today. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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doodley doo [15 Jun 2009|05:10pm]
[ mood | angry ]

twas a good weekend. took some acid. wasnt bad. went to some shows. ate some good food. y'know y'know. joey started his job today. hooray for him! im here at work hangin out until 6pm but i think im gonna leave after this because i was only staying to answer the phone in case this dood called an he already called so i have no need to be here when i could be at my house cleaning an smokin weed an maybe finding somewhere to swim? hmmmm. oh an showering, i could use one o' those. my dad is gonna give me another ac unit. YESSSSSSS. i have to kick out this dood thats been stayin with us because ben expressed concern. an i gotta respect my roommates. tyler sent me a txt saying peaches went to a vorvadoss show. hahahaha. i found the little bitch who wrote in my house on myspace and sent her a threatening message. and the other night joey was drunk and spilled the beans about this girl being all up on his shit. he kept pushing her away from him an goin 'i have a girlfriend' bitch was all tryin to lay her head in his lap an shit. then tryin to put her legs on his lap. OH HEELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO. imma find this bitch an scare the shit outta her. you can fuck with me on about 100 different things an i prolly wont really get angry. BUT YOU MESS WITH MY MUTHAFUCKIN MAN AN BITCH YOU GOIN DOWN. jus sayin. so imma ride my happy ass up to billiard bar on wednesday and find that bitch. an tell her what the fuck is up. which is if i ever see her even lookin at my man again imma beat the shit out of her. i would straight up punch her but i really like bill bar an some dumb whore isnt worth gettin kicked out never to return. so imma just scare her. my dad said the best way to scare someone is to stay really calm. dunno if i can do that but whatevs. well i guess imma hop on da bus. LATER BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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oh oh its magic [10 Jun 2009|05:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey livejournal. hows it goin? things for me ...cant really ever complain, im alive. lifes just a series of ups and downs. an right now its a little bit of both. im still on probation, and its still stealing all my money. financial woes are a bummer. almost got evicted from the ole house but i can be persuasive and even tho we sent in 900$ they didnt get it by the day they warned us they were going to post an eviction, and they went ahead and did it. i met up with my landlord and his mother. his mother...had...the most, for lack of better words, AMAZING fupa id seen in many moons. guh-dang. an she had thinning kinda curly big tall hair. geeze. her name's deanna she sat down on the front steps with me. we talked shit through. meh. im still stressed out because i just never seem to have enough money for the important things. i try to get my money right but just keep getting knocked back down. like right now, i owe 431$ for rent an i had to drop 115$ on probation this week. oh well at least my p.o. was proud of me because i finally signed up for community service. psh. that'll be fun. oh well just 24 hours.
lets see, still having shows at the house. they have all gone fairly well. run smooth. minimal cop interruptions. however, at the witch hunt show, a bunch of shit got stolen and broken and fucked up. like, MY FLAT IRONS? 3 of ben's bikes, our cd player got smashed and kids think its fucking cool to graffitti everything in our house. so i decided at the next show i wasnt gonna put with any little fucking asswipes writing in my house. so im walkin into the backyard and i see some new shit. an i KNEW exactly who it was. so im lookin for this little fuckin bitch an i go around front an catch the dumb slut being hoisted up an tagging on the stop sign while a dood is watering his lawn...wtf? anyway im like HEY YOU COME HERE NOW. she hops down an runs over apologizing bein all like 'oh that was a bad move huh? oh im sorry jenny' i tell her 'shut the fuck up an follow me' shes blubberin or some shit an i walk her to the laundry room an say wtf is that? shes all it wasnt me i say bullshit i just saw you writing the same thing. then proceed to tell her to get the fuck out of my house and dont ever come back. fucking dumb slut continues to lie to me. if i wasnt so avid about NO FIGHTING at my home i would have knocked that bitch out. ughhhhhhhhh i was so mad i was shaking. god. wtf is wrong with kids? seriously. i hate everyone most of the time.
however on a lighter note, i have a new boyfriend!!!! omggggg omggggg when i thought i couldnt love ever again i see this dood that i met like 4 years ago at a halloween party at the sanctuary. i remembered him all this time and always wondered whatever became of him. well i started seeing him around here and there and didnt really think much of it right. i even rode down to austin with him an cordell and didnt even say hi to him until like 15 minutes after we had already started drivin down. we get to austin an i take off. so then i see him at a show at my house in the backyard and i go 'hey joey' an he goes 'hey jenny' an i walked up to him an i asked him what he had been up to. he tells me 'skatin an workin' i tell him 'hm, that was a good answer' an walk away. sometime later in the night and im sure many crushers later im sitting on the front steps and hes sitting in front of me. and i tap him on the shoulder and say hey and he goes yea? and i say, (hahahah get ready for it cuz its a doozie) 'hey boy, i been thinkin about you since the day i met you' and he goes '.....really?' i say 'yeah.' he goes 'ok...well i been thinking about this more a minute' and kissed me. then i was like omg we cant makeout in public! hahahahahaha (me ..saying that yea right) somehow we keep scrigglin around and eventually scriggle up to my room. ***** when i woke up an saw him in my bed i didnt get that feeling of oh god what did i do. it was more like dang. dannnnng. and we laid in my bed all day watching movies and drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. all day. until like 1 am. then i gave him my number. he called me a few days later. and we started hanging out. and we just kept hanging out. and i loveeeeee him and hes amazing and one of the sweetest, most considerate, HAWTEST guys ever. his name's joey and he skates and likes video games and w33d. and me. and his mommy. and dogs.
this is him :)

well thats about all up to this point. lots left out but fuck yall. if ya know me ya know.

my sisters graduation was today. SUPER PROUD OF YA MEL
ohpspsss. send me some of those pix we took!!!!

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[27 Mar 2009|05:33pm]
twat pic dot com

dang i miss those glasses.

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