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hey livejournal. hows it goin? things for me ...cant really ever complain, im alive. lifes just a series of ups and downs. an right now its a little bit of both. im still on probation, and its still stealing all my money. financial woes are a bummer. almost got evicted from the ole house but i can be persuasive and even tho we sent in 900$ they didnt get it by the day they warned us they were going to post an eviction, and they went ahead and did it. i met up with my landlord and his mother. his mother...had...the most, for lack of better words, AMAZING fupa id seen in many moons. guh-dang. an she had thinning kinda curly big tall hair. geeze. her name's deanna she sat down on the front steps with me. we talked shit through. meh. im still stressed out because i just never seem to have enough money for the important things. i try to get my money right but just keep getting knocked back down. like right now, i owe 431$ for rent an i had to drop 115$ on probation this week. oh well at least my p.o. was proud of me because i finally signed up for community service. psh. that'll be fun. oh well just 24 hours.
lets see, still having shows at the house. they have all gone fairly well. run smooth. minimal cop interruptions. however, at the witch hunt show, a bunch of shit got stolen and broken and fucked up. like, MY FLAT IRONS? 3 of ben's bikes, our cd player got smashed and kids think its fucking cool to graffitti everything in our house. so i decided at the next show i wasnt gonna put with any little fucking asswipes writing in my house. so im walkin into the backyard and i see some new shit. an i KNEW exactly who it was. so im lookin for this little fuckin bitch an i go around front an catch the dumb slut being hoisted up an tagging on the stop sign while a dood is watering his anyway im like HEY YOU COME HERE NOW. she hops down an runs over apologizing bein all like 'oh that was a bad move huh? oh im sorry jenny' i tell her 'shut the fuck up an follow me' shes blubberin or some shit an i walk her to the laundry room an say wtf is that? shes all it wasnt me i say bullshit i just saw you writing the same thing. then proceed to tell her to get the fuck out of my house and dont ever come back. fucking dumb slut continues to lie to me. if i wasnt so avid about NO FIGHTING at my home i would have knocked that bitch out. ughhhhhhhhh i was so mad i was shaking. god. wtf is wrong with kids? seriously. i hate everyone most of the time.
however on a lighter note, i have a new boyfriend!!!! omggggg omggggg when i thought i couldnt love ever again i see this dood that i met like 4 years ago at a halloween party at the sanctuary. i remembered him all this time and always wondered whatever became of him. well i started seeing him around here and there and didnt really think much of it right. i even rode down to austin with him an cordell and didnt even say hi to him until like 15 minutes after we had already started drivin down. we get to austin an i take off. so then i see him at a show at my house in the backyard and i go 'hey joey' an he goes 'hey jenny' an i walked up to him an i asked him what he had been up to. he tells me 'skatin an workin' i tell him 'hm, that was a good answer' an walk away. sometime later in the night and im sure many crushers later im sitting on the front steps and hes sitting in front of me. and i tap him on the shoulder and say hey and he goes yea? and i say, (hahahah get ready for it cuz its a doozie) 'hey boy, i been thinkin about you since the day i met you' and he goes '.....really?' i say 'yeah.' he goes 'ok...well i been thinking about this more a minute' and kissed me. then i was like omg we cant makeout in public! hahahahahaha (me ..saying that yea right) somehow we keep scrigglin around and eventually scriggle up to my room. ***** when i woke up an saw him in my bed i didnt get that feeling of oh god what did i do. it was more like dang. dannnnng. and we laid in my bed all day watching movies and drinking beers and smoking cigarettes. all day. until like 1 am. then i gave him my number. he called me a few days later. and we started hanging out. and we just kept hanging out. and i loveeeeee him and hes amazing and one of the sweetest, most considerate, HAWTEST guys ever. his name's joey and he skates and likes video games and w33d. and me. and his mommy. and dogs.
this is him :)

well thats about all up to this point. lots left out but fuck yall. if ya know me ya know.

my sisters graduation was today. SUPER PROUD OF YA MEL
ohpspsss. send me some of those pix we took!!!!
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