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doodley doo

twas a good weekend. took some acid. wasnt bad. went to some shows. ate some good food. y'know y'know. joey started his job today. hooray for him! im here at work hangin out until 6pm but i think im gonna leave after this because i was only staying to answer the phone in case this dood called an he already called so i have no need to be here when i could be at my house cleaning an smokin weed an maybe finding somewhere to swim? hmmmm. oh an showering, i could use one o' those. my dad is gonna give me another ac unit. YESSSSSSS. i have to kick out this dood thats been stayin with us because ben expressed concern. an i gotta respect my roommates. tyler sent me a txt saying peaches went to a vorvadoss show. hahahaha. i found the little bitch who wrote in my house on myspace and sent her a threatening message. and the other night joey was drunk and spilled the beans about this girl being all up on his shit. he kept pushing her away from him an goin 'i have a girlfriend' bitch was all tryin to lay her head in his lap an shit. then tryin to put her legs on his lap. OH HEELLLLLLLLLLLLL NO. imma find this bitch an scare the shit outta her. you can fuck with me on about 100 different things an i prolly wont really get angry. BUT YOU MESS WITH MY MUTHAFUCKIN MAN AN BITCH YOU GOIN DOWN. jus sayin. so imma ride my happy ass up to billiard bar on wednesday and find that bitch. an tell her what the fuck is up. which is if i ever see her even lookin at my man again imma beat the shit out of her. i would straight up punch her but i really like bill bar an some dumb whore isnt worth gettin kicked out never to return. so imma just scare her. my dad said the best way to scare someone is to stay really calm. dunno if i can do that but whatevs. well i guess imma hop on da bus. LATER BITCHEZZZZZZZZZZZZ
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