jenny rayray (jennx30) wrote,
jenny rayray

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hip hip hurray

my pms is FINALLY GONE.
and...i just bought some w333d!!!!11 thats not dro!!! HURRAY!
n it was beautiful outside early this afternoon. however i felt like i might have stepped into an alternate dimension because the ac had gone out last night sometime n when i walked outside it was cooler out there than in the house. twas perplexing....
however i have no real complaints right now. life is good.
its the weekend dont really have any plans and dont reaaaaaaaaaallllly care :)
think im gonna go see akkolyte on saturday
need to clean the house
gotta sort things out with ben who seems upset but i think there is just confusion
gotta pay some billz n shit
then go back to work on monday
also i need to get some community service done ! eeeeek!
an i have probation next thursday i aint worried about dat tho
im smelly i need a shower
n i wanna go home n hug my baby n smoke lots of sweet sweet weedskies
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