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denim skirts studded belts an fucked up eyeliner. CUTE!

dang. i guess my last entry was kinda weird? i was just pissed off
didnt get wasted all weekend! although i did still drink. shit, niggas gon drink jus sayin. i dont feel like im that big of an alcoholic. i mean i know i like the sauce i bit too much an thats why ive cut back. but shoot if i don love a nice ice cold delicious beer. who gonna argue with that? its just that fucking ENERGY beer. that shit is the damn devil.
so i finished reading one flew over the cuckoos nest and i have moved on to ....JURASSIC PARK!!! an holllllllly shit its fuckin awesome already. im 90pgs in so far n i just started it last night. hooo wee!
joey got soul calibur for ps3. its pretty tiiiiight. tyler talked shit on it at first because 1. hes a douchelarouche and 2. he didnt know the controls. psh. what a baby. his birthday is on friday...hmmm.....
last night was my friend theresas bday party luau an it was AWESOME!!!! im super glad we went there were decorations and a jelloshotcake?! HOLY SHIT! we kept playin i never, an damn if joey didnt get us all with this one, I NEVER DYED MY HAIR. i was like dammmnnnn fools never owned a pair of chucks neither. the fuck? haha doesnt surprise me i cant see him wearin em anyway. everyone was dancin n me an joey sat on the couch for awhile laughin at all the drunkys. hehehehehehahahaha oh man the best part was when we saw alec stumblin in an joey goes i wonder how drunk alec is? then BLAM he just sacks out on the couch ahhahaha then everyone was wakin him up an he put on a straw hat an danced around hahaha hahahaha oh man good stuff.
then joey tells me some girl just hit on him askin if he had a girlfriend n of course he says yeh shes right over there. and of course i knew exactly what dumb twat it was cuz i saw her introduce herself to him. i got dat eagle eye i don miss a beat esp when it comes to stupid twatty ugly busted ass hoez in denim skirts tryin to get up on my man. so he tells me. n i stand there for a minute, fumin a lil. then go inside. n i see her so i walk up to her n i say so you like my boyfriend huh? n shes like what? and im like yeah you know joey? MY boyfriend? then shes like ohh nooo i uhhh an starts sputterin n im like yea whatever. then she tries to touch my arm n im like dont fuckin touch me. an i walk outside with a smirk n joey goes you started shit didnt you? n i was like nah i just told her whats up then girl comes out n is all tryin to talk to me n im like shooin her away like bitch get out my face and shes like no no i was just introducing myself n said her name was anna n i go OH hi. anna. fuckin bitch. since when did introducing yourself consist of 'hi do you have a girlfriend? oh you do? well i woulda totally been all about you' im tellin ya bitch was busted

ANNNNNNNYWAY- i like to scare dumb bitches. its not like id go and punch her or something but a bitch needs to know. also im extremely jealous/and/or/ possessive. mehhhh not my best qualities but at least ya know im a loyal motherfucker.

bleh work. bleh.
im itchy.
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