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dang last night a pillow caught on fire in our room me and joey had no idea because we were ..busy.. and then all of a sudden the smoke detector starts goin off and were like what the fuck?! so we jump outta bed and turn on the lights and our room is FILLED with smoke and were like WHATS BURNING!??!! and so were tearing apart our room looking for whatevers burning and we discover a floor pillow thats smoldering...HUH? we have no clue how it caught on fire or what the fuck happened. i was smoking a cigarette in bed but the pillow that caught fire was all the way across the room.... it was strange and unnerving and quite tiring. by the time it was all over i was just standing in the room about to fall over joey had ripped the bed apart so we had to put it back together and everything was out of place and it was just fucking crazy. ive never woken up or been utterly disturbed by a fire alarm. its fucking scarey! not to mention our house is as my father put it a 'tinderbox' goddamn if we hadnt had that alarm shit coulda been REALLY bad. moral of the story: GET SMOKE DETECTORS! gahlee.
i had a very funny dream this morning. i was in my room which was shaped like my grandmothers old apartment and it didnt look anything like my room and there was a bunk bed and junk everywhere and some random people hanging out and joey comes in the door early from work and tells me he found some of my stuff and starts teasing me about a storybook i made. it was called 'the strange kiss' and i guess it was about him? and also i had all this shit gushing about how much i loved him. and also all these weird little knick knacks that were actually fucking really cool and i wish i DID have them. the dream was really realistic in a sense and joey was being hilarious in the dream then i guess he was still at work because he told some girl to make the indian catfish cuz her mom wasnt gonna cook it later. i guess i woke up after that.
im hungry. this weekend is gonna be fun! i wish i hadnt been such an alcoholic all week because now its the weekend and im tired as fuck. seriously i was bad this week wtf? oh well i had fun...hahaha parties tonight and tomorrow and sunday is a show at phoenix project! AH IM STARVIN NEED FOOD LATER DOODZ
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