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little shorty fire burnin on the dance flo'

so i found that bitch. i was fucking DRRUUUUNK an apparently about to pass out at the bar when someone was like there she is. i woke right up and marched my ass over to her and let her have it. i really cant remember too much of what i said besides prolly some shit talkin like who the fuck do you think you are? an don even LOOK at him an thats MY man and by the end of it she was goin 'he's yours! he's yours!' i said yer goddamn right. then i kept flipping her off from across the bar. hahahaha bitch was scared. wouldnt even get up the rest of the night cuz i kept starin that bitch down. then joey got in a fight? i dont remember. i woke up without panties on an joey was naked an i said did we have sex? then we had sex. dang i love that boy. im done with werk today an gonna head home pretty soon. im gonna sew on my back patch to my vest and sew up some jeans where the ass busted out so i have them back. dunno why the fuck i want jeans in the texas summer but....meh. and also im gonna make joey play littlebig planet with me because there is a part in a level we need to beat. damn i dont feel like taking a shower today. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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