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ohhh maaaaan

heat! CEASEEEEEEEEEE yeah right. sup texas summer? danngg....
got a show comin up on friday im super excited about it because IIII booked it. ALL ME! haha!!!!! i win!!! an its just gonna be really fun because my friend jeff from houston who is in muhammed ali is cominggggg and he rulzzzz and he my husband but don tell my boyfriend. EEEp hehehehe. speaking of my boyfriend. GAH. wait hang on before i vent.
so there was this dood wade staying at the house. total moochin muthafucka. like 34yr old loser. i dont know why our house attracts these degenerates but WHATEVERR. anyway- he never even really asked to stay he just kinda followed cody poole over when they got kicked out of the previous place they were stayin. its our fault for not bein like uh who are you? anyway- after awhile for SOME reason his dogs got dropped off at the house. we arranged to take them to the phoenix project to stay there but well that never happened...surprise. so one of his dogs started making these awful coughing noises an we all kinda thought maybe something was just stuck in his throat? anyway it persisted and last weekend me joe an frank went to atx to hang out n shit. well when we got back saturday night i noticed that neko was now making coughing noises. so i was like OH HEELLLLLL NAW NIGGA. so i wake up on sunday and neko is still coughing and its getting worse so im like what the fuck. so i call my dad to say happy fathers day of course and tell him whats going on and he tells me its heartworms and im like wtf? so then i call my mom and she tells me no, its kennel cough. and so im like no way. fucking NO WAY. this loser fucking dood got my fucking dog sick. and that was the last straw. so i marched downstairs and i was originally planning on getting my bottle of water i left in the fridge but it had been drank. so then i was even MORE angry so i went into the living room where frank and wade were sleeping on couches and i started yelling WHO DRANK MY FUCKING WATER? and frank told me he got sick and threw up alot so he drank it. i was like ok. whatever. so im in the kitchen making myself some ice water and dood wade walks in and starts with some bullshit line of his. this is how it went:
wade: uhhh sooooo i was like making out with this hott chick last night...
me: you and your dogs need to leave TODAY.
w: wha uh today?
me: yes. today.
w: it cant be tomorrow?
me: NO. i gave you a week. you need to leave today.
w:*puts his arm around me* whats wrong?
me:*pulls away* nothing.
then i walked upstairs. i came back down after awhile to go run some errands and that dickhole was back asleep on the couch. i wanted to be like usually when someone tells you to LEAVE you dont just go back to sleep you fuck. but i just went on my biz.
well when i got back home he was sitting on the porch and i said 'your dog has kennel cough. thats why he's been coughing. he also gave it to neko' wade just goes whaat?? and i walked inside.
then later i was doing dishes he walked past me and said sorry jenny. i just turned my back on him. then he was gone. motherFUCKER. god. but hey good riddance.
so anyway- joey's mom is a vet nurse lady thingy so i called her to see what i could do and she told me to come up to her work and get some antibiotics for neko. so since i had maddy's car i drove my fat ass all the way to fucking ROWLETT ughhhhhhhhhughhh it sucked. and i get there and the girl at the desk is like hi! an im like im here for dorothy. an shes like ohhh ok then calls her to come out. then she goes 'daughter-in-law?' and im like ohh god uhh nooo just girlfriend geeeze..........haha shit. so i go back to her office and im lookin around and FUCKING WHAT DO I SEE? A GODDAMN OH GOD. FUCKING A FUCKING CHRISTMAS CARD OF JOEY AN HIS EX GIRLFRIEND AND THEIR ANIMALS. what the FUCKKKKKKKK?????????? WHO MAKES XMAS CARDS?!?!?! GOOD GOD. i couldnt stop looking at it. ughhh it made me so jealous and mad. i mean i know thats pointless but i couldnt help it. what the fuck? fucking lame ass bitch. so i was kinda irked about that.
then i went home la-de-dah then i went to the bitch wich with maddy and it was all my girlfriends and we were all hangin and laughin and we all made AMAZING SANDWICHES OMG. OH MY GODDD. so then i realized i needed to get that shit off my chest an im like ok since im with my girls i gotta say this and i told them about the xmas card. wtf. we were all laughing an shit. an i was like i wanna say somethin but i dont wanna be like that dumb bitch girlfriend.
so me an maddy leave cuz we tired n shit. and we get back to the house and joeys on the porch and chris is in town and we were all talking and chris is like has joey asked you to beat up his exgf for stealing all his shit yet? an i was like blahblah but i did see a really cute xmas card of you guys on your moms desk. and joeys like OH GOD. STILL???? an i was like yea. an then i was like please PLEASE tell me this wasnt joeys idea. and he was like fuck no. so i felt better and found a way to make fun of him and get it off my chest at the same time.
so i hung for awhile but i was real tired so i went upstairs to go to sleep an smoked some hash an was watching jurassic park an totally passed out.
until i was woken up by joey busting in the door and fuckin i dont even KNOW what time going dont ask me where ive been and laughing and im like huhhhh what.....where were you? anyway he continues to babble on to me and hes drunk and angry about his ex and all this shit and how he wants his belongings back and im trying to tell him to calm down and forget that shit cuz its just material stuff and forget the past and blahblha and hes just being persistant and still angry and just pissing me off in general and i guess she really fucked him up because he's always convinced that im going to just start hating him out of nowhere and steal all his shit. and i always have to tell him look im not like that. im not that person. its difficult sometimes honestly. but we all have our battlewounds. so i deal with it. and well i love him so its ok. so i wrote him a letter. because i dont want to feel like hes comparing me to his ex because i dont do that to him. and im not saying i think he is but sometimes i dont think he realizes the things he says make it seem that way. and fuck that ugly fat mexican bitch. she aint me. n shit n shit n shit. either way gah having a boyfriend is hard work sometimes. ooooof. especially when they like to drink until 6 in the morning and wake you up.
ive been kinda pissy about it all day. but i also think im pmsing because i just feel like a bitch.
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