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you dont know how lucky you are

damn that song
holy shit i ate so much at lunch today i felt like a fatty fat blimpo ughhh then i got all tired like an old lady PSHAW.
its frooiddaaaay. thank GOD. im turning my phone back on today yeeeeeee yeyeyeyeee so i can TEE-EX-TEE again..joey is goin skating tonight. i dont really have any plans so much. tomorrow is the first show at the phoenix project~~~!!!! im headin up the food department n im real excited. plus all the people and fun that will be had! wooo! too bad joe has to work til like 9...:( oh well mebbe he'll come up there anyway.
my stomach muscles hurt from certain exercises...eheheeeee
uhhhhhhhhh man i had a weird dream last night that i met miley cyrus? and she had this home in the mountains and we decided to go on a were on this hike and we peer over this big rock and see this huge field with all sorts of 'illegal' things going on an what not n were like we shouldnt be here! some other shit happened i dont remember but the next part i remember was i was at a CVS or somethin in new york city and someone was throwing boxes into the street and they were turning into HUGE OBJECTS like a huge trex? but it was all cartoony and everyone knew they were fake but were still scared? then somethin else was goin on n i was runnin down this street catchin tags? OH I DUNNO..

what else...didnt really do anything last night. joey bought a new video game, mortal kombat vs. DC. it was fucking RAAAAAAAAAD. i havent tried it out yet but i will sooon.....
then we went to sleepytime.

oh and goose was in a fight or something! because i found him the other day outside in a little slump looking really saddddd an i picked him up n he had all these cuts! and his leg is hurt ;( he got a stanky leg again. i think he will be ok tho. hopefully thats my lil kitty<3

oh and im reading one flew over the cuckoos nest. its not bad, not bad at all.
i still wanna read jurassic park tho...AND IM GONNA.
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