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cuz im already gone

hey livejournal whats up buttface?
everything is fine.
im tired and smelly.
i wish i would work more than i do.
im an asshole in this respect.
joey built a kitty city for the kitties.
im in charge of making the zine for the phoenix project. so cool!
hung out with my sister last night and it was hilarious and AWESOME. a man in a pimp hat with a feather hit on me 'hello gorgeous'
a hooker climbed over the fence to get into the bar
me and maddy ate shit because we were wearing heels and fuck we were wasted? hahaha drunk girls falling at bars wooo everyone laughed. its ok i also ran into the front door and everyone cheered. sheez....
ive drank 2 sodas today. ew?
i feel fat as shit
joey ate my freebirds
tyler ate maddys freebirds
fucking fat stoned drunk boyfriends
oh well i love mine very much
and tacos goddamn
i should ride my bike more so i dont feel as fat but well fuck its hottt

i hope it rains tonight
that would be nice
im going home

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