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hey livejournal

hows it goin you dirty ho?! been a minute as usual. well for this next week im boycotting facebook. not for any real reason just to see if i can do it i guess. made myself a little bet with my main girl audrizzle. first to break has to buy boozenfoodz then we party together (which we do all the time anyway) hahaa and my new boyfran, his name's victor, said i would last 2 days. bet a crusher on that. im confident i can last a week. so let's see. my dog had puppies, 5 of them. boxer mix. theyre 4 weeks old monday. man. holy crap. talk about a handful. SHEESH. confirms my decision to NEVER have children. whew. overwhelming. but they are so damn CUTE!!!!!! me and my boyfriend are doing art colloborations. that's cool. i went on tour with life erased and doom siren. midwest. it was really fun. saw alot of cool stuff, met alot of cool people. was inspired to make our diy venue the best it can be from other establishments that are awesome. working on it. workin on alot of stuff. tryin to be more positive... it's hard sometimes with so much bullshit around you. but i try to make a consistent effort to follow through. ive been doin okay at that. i live at cameron haus it's pretty cool. there's been a bit of drama creeping around lately. so im just keeping my mouth shut because i dont have anything nice to say, so i just wont say anything at all. i will say this though, i do not like being told what i can and cannot do from a roommate who doesnt own the house and lays claim in the manner that they do. (man my dad's dog JR keeps farting. it smells terrible in the office) i got new vans. my feet already smell so bad i cant take it. my boyfriend made me wash them off last night. haha odor eaters anyone? sheesh i dont get why they get to smellin so bad. AFTER A WEEK! harumph. oh well. what else...i turned 26. i had alot of fun. had a great party. created sunday sleaze krew. SSK! SSK! opened up me ole darkheart. not takin anything too seriously tho. we'll see what happens. my ipod got stepped on and the screen broke, it still works tho. HALLEJUAH! i want a bigger one anyway. guess ill have to start savin on that. i want tattoos. but i have other things i have to take care of right now. *sigh. :C oh well. one day ill have enough extra cash. bleebleee. still workin for my papa. tryin to do better at that. slightly succeeding. ill get it someday.. i want some cranberry juice... hey see ya !
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