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i like your nail polish, it's cute

lolz at my profile pic first of all. haahaha. oh let's my last entry i was dating victor BAAAHAHAHHAHAHAH AHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA fuck. hahaha. needless to say THAT didnt last. all we did was argue anyway- pff. so i guess after that a dude named chris reeves showed interest in me. i didnt think much of it honestly. then he asked me to book a show for one of his bands, stymie, at the ppc. so i was like yea cool. we started seeing eachother at shows and talkin a lil...then one night im at a house show and he's there and were sitting out front and he kisses me. and im like ?! WOAH! and i acted like a little girl and giggled. the rest is history. my lips wont stop tingling for some reason... i hate when that happens. anyway- we started seeing eachother in late december, became official in february and now were two happy lil bees. unfortunately i lost a 'friend' in the midst of all the romanticism... i suppose she was interested in chris and i really had no idea. i mean, girls talk okay? and i never heard anything from her about him... boy was i wrong. her jealousy took over and instead of being happy for me for finding someone i like and who likes me back she screamed at me one night...on the way home from a show... she asked me "can i hit on chris reeves and bang him?" i said 'no.' and that did it. for the next 30 minutes she screamed at me calling me a hypocrite and all sorts of other things. it was extremely embarrassing seeing as the guy who was driving us home i had just met that night, one of my close friends boyfriends and it was just a ridiculous ride home in general. i just sat there with my back to her taking her verbal abuse. i asked if she wanted to talk about it, she said no and left. shortly thereafter she called me a 'bad friend' that did it for me. sometimes you think someone is a good friend to you and in alot of ways she was, but i look back and realize she pushed me around alot. im not necessarily a 'pushover' but im not very confrontational unless i need be. i guess i can just take alot of shit before i really blow up... well im glad to be rid of her. and life is grande. im going on tour again with life erased/embolization in june. YUS!! gotta start savin. im gonna take a class at el centro (spanish) so i can ride the dart for free and speak espanola! milo is getting large and is goofy as can be. im scared that neko is pregnant again and it makes me feel absolutely TERRIBLE. :C gah. my boyfriend got a job at a dogcare place in dallas so he is staying with me! which makes me real happy :) im learning the bass. which is rad. im still involved with the phoenix project (DUH) ive been booking shows and they have all gone really well. im trying to not eat meat and being fairly successful at it. there are still areas in my life i need to work on, but persistance and a positive attitude help me along the way.
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Two thumbs up!!! It sounds like you have been resurrected from a slow death . You have broken free from the chains of nonexistence and moved into the light of day!!! I love this post. Good for you.